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Great website.

Sadly, I have a complaint about a new fad. People have these outdoor 'fireplaces' these days. Big in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, they create a lot of smoke, they fill my house with smoke and more than once I went outside to see if my house was burning.

As far as I know:
No one gets a permit to burn.
No one calls the fire department on the day they wish to burn.
Burning is not allowed except from January to May, I'm guessing no one knows that because here it is the last day of August and it's still happening.
Finally, burning isn't permitted if it causes a nuisance.

Burning eyes, headaches, closing the windows in July and August to try and keep the smoke out is more than a nuisance.

It would be great if the department could put a piece in Neighbor to Neighbor reminding people of the rules. It would be even better if a postcard could be sent to every house, that would probably be cost prohibitive.

Anyway, if nothing can be done, I can't wait for this fad to go away.


Hey Tyler, thank you for showing me around today, much appreciated. We'll keep in touch and keep up the good work, the community needs you guys !

voluntary firefighter in the Netherlands


When are you planning on updating the website with new info and pics?


Very nice website!
Keep up the good work gentlemen!

Mission Statement:

The primary Mission of the Tyngsborough Fire Department is to provide a rage of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Tyngsborough, from the adverse effects of Fire, Sudden Medical, or Exposure to Dangerous Conditions either natural or man made.

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